Zebra v1.1.30 update brings more bug fixes and improvements

Zebra, a popular alternative package manager for various jailbreak tools, was updated to version 1.1.30 on Monday with a slew of bug fixes and improvements.

Zebra package manager promo image.

Citing the change log, users can expect the following differences in Zebra version 1.1.30:

  • Address an issue with packages failing to install when they use the “finish” file descriptor, also known as the $CYDIA variable, to signal to the package manager that the package requires a respring, reboot, etc.
  • Now supports search queries of only one character in some languages — previously, Zebra always required at least two characters for performance reasons because otherwise entering a single character could have resulted on a performance-heavy results list of thousands of packages, but not all languages have this many packages and those languages now support single character search results.
  • Fix a crash when tapping the “Add to Photos” option after tapping and holding on an image in the package depiction page.
  • Fix the app icon settings not displaying any app icons in the rootless edition of Zebra.
  • Fix an issue where .deb files might disappear from their original file location after being installed through Zebra.

The Zebra Team regularly releases updates to the Zebra package manager app, with the most recent being released just last week. If you’re a Zebra user, then these updates are recommended to keep your user experience running as smoothly as possible.

Those who aren’t already using Zebra, and who would like to try it instead of the default Cydia or Sileo package managers, can add the following repository in their existing package manager app to get started:


Have you updated to the latest version of the Zebra package manager app yet? Let us know how it’s working for you in the comments section down below.

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