SleeperX brings powerful alarm-enhancing features to jailbroken iOS 15 devices

If you frequently depend on iPhone alarms to get you up and out of bed every morning, and you have a rootless iOS 15 jailbreak at your disposal, then we can strongly recommend a jailbreak tweak called SleeperX (iOS 15) by iOS developer joshuaseltzer.

SleeperX for iOS 15.

SleeperX (iOS 15) is the latest iteration of the original Sleeper jailbreak tweak allows users more control over their alarms than would be possible out of the box on a non-jailbroken handset.

Among the different things you can do with SleeperX (iOS 15) are:

  • Change the snooze time of an alarm: it is now possible to specify how many hours, minutes, or seconds you can snooze an alarm for, and it integrates seamlessly into the native alarm experience.
  • Skip alarms within a designated time: upon unlocking your device, you can opt to skip certain active alarms that would otherwise fire.
  • Silence alarms on days off: you can also configure alarms not to fire on certain days, such as holidays or days you will be on vacation, so you can sleep in.
  • Auto-set alarms based on sunrise/sunset times: you can have alarms that automatically configure themselves based on sunrise and sunset times.

SleeperX samples.

There’s a lot more to SleeperX (iOS 15), but the general gist of things is that you end up with a nicer user experience when interacting with iPhone alarms and having more flexibility to not be bothered by alarms when you don’t need to be.

It’s worth noting that SleeperX (iOS 15) works not only with basic alarms, but also those managed by Wake Up and Bedtime on your device. The tweak supports rootless iOS 15 jailbreaks including the likes of Dopamine and palera1n.

Those interested in giving SleeperX (iOS 15) a try can do so from the Havoc repository via their favorite package manager app for just $0.99. Anyone who deals with iPhone alarms on a daily basis has a lot to gain from utilizing this fantastic addition to iOS alarms.

Are you planning to use any of the features associated with SleeperX (iOS 15)? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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