iPhones now tell you about unwanted Bluetooth trackers from Google’s Find My Device network


  • Bluetooth trackers help find lost belongings faster, with Apple and Google working together to protect users.
  • Apple’s new feature alerts iPhone users if an unknown Bluetooth device is following them. Users can view, locate, and disable the tracker.
  • The update aims to prevent the misuse of tracking devices meant for belongings, not people. Both Apple and Google prioritize user privacy and safety.

Bluetooth trackers are extremely convenient for people who easily misplace their bags, wallets, and more, as they will help them find their belongings faster. However, there are several ways to use a tracker, and not all of them are good, which is exactly why Google and Apple decided to work together to protect users from stalking. The latest development in this effort delivers a new feature that will alert iPhone users, who will receive a notification to alert them if an unknown Bluetooth device is following them.


How to find AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers with your Android phone

Keep an eye on what’s keeping an eye on you

Apple and Google’s Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers industry specification has given a new feature for iPhone users using iOS 17.5 or Android 6.0+ devices, as described on Apple Newsroom. This new feature will alert iPhone users if there’s an “[Item] Found Moving With You.”

What makes this update great?

Indeed, it’s not a new feature, as it used to work with AirTags and Find My accessories, but the new update will now let you detect any Bluetooth tracker compatible with the DULT specification.

The primary aim of this update is to curb the misuse of tracking devices, originally designed for locating belongings, not individuals. The feature empowers users by providing a notification only when an unknown Bluetooth tracking device is detected moving with them over time. Additionally, users can view the tracker’s identifier, play a sound to locate it, and disable it.

With this new capability, users will now get an “[Item] Found Moving With You” alert on their device if an unknown Bluetooth tracking device is seen moving with them over time, regardless of the platform the device is paired with.

If a user gets such an alert on their iOS device, it means that someone else’s AirTag, Find My accessory, or other industry specification-compatible Bluetooth tracker is moving with them. It’s possible the tracker is attached to an item the user is borrowing, but if not, iPhone can view the tracker’s identifier, have the tracker play a sound to help locate it, and access instructions to disable it.

Both companies will use their powerful Find My networks to keep their users safe, as they are both focused on privacy and safety protection.

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