iOS developer Sugiuta leaves jailbreak community, makes paid tweaks free to download

In an unfortunate bout of news for the iPhone & iPad jailbreaking communities, respected and seasoned iOS developer @sugiutadev has announced their departure from the community to move on to bigger and better things.

iOS developer @sugiuta leaves the jailbreak community.

From what we can gather, Sugiuta’s decision to depart from the jailbreak community stems from a new job that will be taking up most of their time starting in February. The former jailbreak tweak developer plans to use their final month before starting the new job doing the things and hobbies they enjoy most.

As a side effect of this life decision, Sugiuta has stated in a post shared to X (formerly Twitter) that all their packages will no longer be supported and that their paid jailbreak tweaks will be made available for free via the Havoc repository for everyone to download and use as they like.

Sugiuta makes jailbreak tweaks free.

Currently, some of the notable packages that are included in this paid-made-free change are the following:

  • CircleApps – A circular application launcher for iOS 13 and 14
  • CircleApps15 – A circular application launcher for iOS 15 and 16
  • Rena – a Lock Screen-based app launcher

You can also add Sugiuta’s personal repository to your device to find more of the developer’s non-paid work:


Anyone who wishes to leave a donation to Sugiuta as a thank you for their contributions to the jailbreak community or who previously found their work useful can do so by following the PayPal link they shared in a separate post shared to X.

It remains to be seen if Sugiuta will keep their X account open, however previous posts have suggested that the account may be either deleted or used for personal enjoyment. I have long respected Sugiuta and their quality work and hope them the best in their future endeavors.

While unfortunate to see another jailbreak developer leave the scene, the fact is that people move on. We regularly bid farewell to seasoned developers, but we also tend to see new faces from time to time as well.

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