IGTidyMediaSend prevents accidental media uploads to Instagram by making the user confirm

Jailbreakers who use the Instagram app to share media with others could benefit from a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called IGTidyMediaSend by iOS developer CydiaGeek.

IGTidyMediaSend makes you confirm before uploading media to Instagram.

IGTidyMediaSend prevents accidental media uploads to your Instagram account by providing a two-step barrier that makes you confirm that you’re sure you want to upload selected media material.

According to the developer, the prompt even includes a hint of haptic feedback when you do confirm your upload – a nice touch.

Without the two-step barrier afforded by IGTidyMediaSend, it’s easy to accidentally select an image or video in your Photo Library and upload it to Instagram alongside other photos and videos. After installing the tweak, your brain will have a second chance to check and ensure everything’s kosher before you embarrass yourself.

With no options to configure, IGTidyMediaSend is straightforward and works exactly how it’s advertised to via the BigBoss repository. The developer says that the tweak will work on jailbroken devices running iOS 12 or later, and that it supports the latest version of the Instagram app, which at the time of this writing is version 260.0.

Please note that any future updates to the Instagram app could break the IGTidyMediaSend tweak, so you may want to hold off from updating it in the future unless the developer notes compatibility.

Do you think a confirmation message like the one provided by IGTidyMediaSend will help users prevent accidental uploads to the platform? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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