Havoc repo now hosts themes for non-jailbroken devices and accepts Cryptocurrency payments

Along with all the other exciting news shared on Thursday, the Havoc repository is joining the commotion with a fresh announcement of its own.

The Havoc repository now supports themes for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.
| Image: Havoc Repo

In a Tweet shared late Thursday evening, Havoc announced that it would begin hosting themes for stock (non-jailbroken) devices and that it would also start accepting cryptocurrencies as forms of payment for packages.

In its newfangled theme support, theme creators may now upload both .deb and .zip files, the latter of which can be downloaded and un-zipped on non-jailbroken devices to be applied as Shortcuts on those devices. While this method isn’t quite as clean as the traditional jailbreak-based theming methods, it’s a great way to give non-jailbroken devices a new look and feel – especially when there’s no jailbreak available.

Havoc will intelligently provide for download the correct file – .deb or .zip – to the buyer on the seller’s behalf depending on whether the user’s handset is jailbroken or not. Joining this newfangled behavior is the ability to use a “Download Icons” button in the repository’s Order page.

A handful of themes are already being made available to the public, including BossGFX’s Viola, XT’s Peek, Timeloop’s Echoes, JustNewDesign’s Crayon, and purdixx’s Muze 4, among others.

Havoc’s novel support for cryptocurrency-based purchases joins the repository’s existing Apple Pay, Credit Card, PayPal, and Alipay options, many of which were added per popular request. Supported cryptocurrencies currently include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, along with several others.

The Havoc repository now supports cryptocurrency as a payment method.
| Image: Havoc Repo

Benefits of paying with cryptocurrency are outlined in Havoc’s announcement blog post:

Cryptocurrency payments are not only more convenient for many customers, but it also provides an additional layer of privacy, especially when paired with Sign In With Apple’s Private Relay. When using both of these methods together, customers can stay completely anonymous throughout the entire account creation and checkout process.

Havoc also supports Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, allowing you to make nearly instant payments with incredibly low fees just like traditional payment methods.

In addition to these two major announcements, Havoc is adding other miscellaneous improvements that may benefit you as the user. Those improvements include the following:

  • Linking social network logins to have access to more than one login method (using just an email is still an option)
  • Sellers can now mark their packages as compatible with iOS 15.3.1 or lower for use with palera1n
  • The debut of tags to help sellers categorize their packages and boost user discovery
  • Additional analytics and statistics can now help sellers view and manage download or sale performance

The Havoc repository succeeded the Packix repository in February, with the latter once being one of the largest modern repositories. Havoc has become the go-to for many jailbreak tweak developers and theme creators who want jailbreakers to discover, buy, and download their packages.

Whether you’re jailbroken or not, you can navigate over to https://havoc.app/ to begin browsing the repository. You can add it to your jailbroken device’s package manager app or simply browse the repository in the Safari web browser.

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