Google’s Gemini invasion is headed for the Play Store


  • Gemini AI integration enhances creativity and productivity with user input.
  • Play Store now offers keyword customization and developer preview surface.
  • New tools and updates provide better SDK selection, security protection, and device-specific ratings for apps.

Google I/O gets better every year, and this time, it was especially fun, thanks to the integration of Gemini AI features into more Google features, apps, and services. However, one of the most interesting announcements came with the new ways for developers to build and optimize their apps on the Play Store, which is meant to help developers grow and deliver better app experiences.


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Gemini is a powerful tool meant to supercharge creativity and productivity, as it only needs input from a user to start writing, learning, and creating more with Google AI. It was initially released for developers back in March 2023, with a stable release in March this year. But how will it help developers to reach wider audiences and make better apps?

As per Google’s announcement, the Play Store now offers developers the ability to customize their store listings using search keywords. Moreover, it provides suggested keywords that can be utilized by Gemini to draft more impactful store listings. A new developer preview surface has also been introduced, allowing developers to showcase the unique features and qualities of their apps, thereby simplifying the app usage experience.

Other great tools to help developers create better apps and experiences

The company is also providing more and better tools to help create high-quality apps. It’s expanding the Software Development Kit Console to all SDK providers so app developers have more data and tools to choose the best SDKs for their apps. Plus, there are new pre-submission checks that will make it easier for developers to spot policy and compatibility issues before their apps become available.

These updates will also deliver new protection against security threats. For instance, the Play Integrity API will help developers know the status of Play Protect or if there’s malware on a user’s device. Further, it will detect a high volume of requests, which could end up being an attack. Other improvements exist as a public beta, where app access risks will let developers know when a non-accessibility app captures the screen or controls the device.

Finally, listings for apps will now show ratings and reviews specific to each device, so users will know how the app will behave on any device, improving the overall experience.

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