Google One is killing its VPN service on this date


  • Google One VPN service to shut down on June 20. Users are advised to uninstall and turn off the VPN in app settings.
  • Pixel users with Pixel 7 or newer are unaffected by VPN shutdown.
  • Despite VPN discontinuation, Google One pricing remains the same.

One of the perks of having a paid Google One subscription is access to an unlimited VPN service. Since its launch in 2020, Google has expanded the availability of its VPN service to more countries and cheaper One plans. But earlier this year, the company confirmed that it would discontinue the VPN “later this year.” Google has now provided a more precise shutdown date for the VPN service.


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As spotted by 9to5Google, the company is showing a banner in the Google One app on Android stating that the free VPN service will shut down on June 20. If you live in a country where the VPN service is available, open the Google One app to check if the banner is showing up for you.

Google One VPN is also available on macOS and Windows, and Google recommends users uninstall the app from their PCs. On Android and iPhone, you must turn off the VPN from the Benefits section of the Google One app before removing the VPN profile from the Settings menu. Google’s support page lists alternative VPN solutions, like the VPN offered by Google Fi, along with detailed instructions on removing the VPN from your device.

Google first emailed Google One subscribers in April to announce that it was shutting down its VPN service. The company claimed that it was phasing out the service because “people simply weren’t using it.” Google plans to redirect the available resources towards improving other Google One features.

Pixel users will remain unaffected by Google One’s VPN shutdown

If you own a Pixel 7 or newer, you will continue to enjoy free VPN access. While the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Fold use Google One VPN, they will switch to the built-in VPN service, as seen on the Pixel 8 series. This migration will happen through a system update — presumably the June Feature Drop — which Google says will land on June 3, 2024. The company will then discontinue the VPN by Google One later in the same month.

Despite the removal of the free VPN service from Google One’s paid plans, the company is not revising its pricing structure. You will still pay the same price for your Google One plan as before.

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