Gemini Nano is coming to Google Chrome


  • Gemini Nano integration coming to Chrome 126 will speed up AI features like Help me write with generative AI for faster content generation.
  • Developers can use Gemini Nano in Chrome for Translate, Caption, Transcribe features. Google to open early preview program for developers soon.
  • Gemini in Chrome DevTools will assist developers in debugging errors and providing solutions.

Google provides three AI models of Gemini, with Gemini Ultra being the most powerful and its flagship offering. Meant for highly complex tasks, accessing Gemini Ultra requires a Gemini Advanced subscription. On the Pixel 8 Pro (and soon on the Pixel 8), Google bundles its mobile-friendly and most efficient LLM, Gemini Nano, to power many of the on-device AI features. This same AI model is now coming to Chrome to speed up AI-powered features and enhance your web browsing experience.


Google Gemini: Everything you need to know about Google’s next-gen multimodal AI

Google Gemini is here, with a whole new approach to multimodal AI: Here’s what you should know.

Gemini Nano integration will be available with Chrome 126 on the desktop. Google says it will use the LLM to power its own AI features and speed up tools like Help me write. Announced in February 2024 as part of Chrome 122, the feature uses generative AI to help you draft emails, reviews, and more. With on-device processing, Help me write should get faster and more efficient at analyzing and generating content.

The model will download automatically in the background for Chrome users who actively use Help me write, with Google expanding its availability over time. But given the LLM’s size, it will be an on-demand download.

In addition to Help me write, developers can use Gemini Nano in Chrome to power features like Translate, Caption, and Transcribe. Google is talking to other browser makers and will soon open an early preview program for developers.

Gemini will help developers debug issues in Chrome DevTools faster

OnePlus Open with Google Gemini logo on a table with RGB lights

Gemini is also coming to Chrome DevTools Console insights. This will enable the AI model to explain and provide possible debugging solutions for errors you are trying to resolve, including code written by others.

Google wants developers to create AI-powered web apps, so it is introducing two new APIs. The first one is the Speculation Rules API, which could “dramatically speed up browsing” by pre-fetching and pre-rendering pages from within a website in the background.

Next is the View Transitions API, which is rolling out as a part of Chrome Canary 126 today. It will provide a seamless transition experience when switching between pages. Google believes these APIs will allow developers to create single-page AI-powered web apps.

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