Gemini comes to Google Photos to supercharge search and curation


  • Google Photos will soon get Gemini integration to supercharge search, allowing users to ask complex questions like searching for their car’s license plate number.
  • With Gemini, Google Photos can surface timelines of events like a child’s swimming progress, making it easier to find specific memories.
  • Ask Photos feature coming this summer will enhance search capabilities in Google Photos.

Google Photos is among the best photo backup tools for preserving precious memories. Its face recognition and search features make it easy to manage your vast picture library and surface relevant pictures when needed. So far, Google has used its AI prowess to bring editing tools like Magic Eraser and Magic Editor to Google Photos. At I/O 2024, the company is supercharging search in Google Photos with Gemini integration.

Search in Google Photos is already smart enough to let you search for animals, landmarks, people, and more. With Gemini AI integration, Google Photos search is getting even smarter. During the I/O 24’s opening keynote, Alphabet’s CEO Sundar Pichai demoed how you can ask Photos for your car’s license plate number. The AI model will automatically search and find the correct license plate number after analyzing your uploaded photos.

Similarly, using Gemini, you can ask Photos to surface a timeline of how your child’s swimming lessons have progressed. You can even ask when your kid took their first swimming lesson, and Gemini will surface the relevant pictures.

Ask Photos will roll out in Google Photos this summer with more advanced features and text and voice input support. It will also work with videos, though Google’s demos were limited to pictures.

Ask Photos could require a Google One subscription

Google typically requires a paid Google One plan to access advanced Google Photos features. Magic Eraser, Editor, and advanced filters were all paywalled behind a 2TB+ Google One subscription before the company eventually expanded their availability. So, Gemini integration and Ask Photos might also be paywalled behind a paid Google One subscription when it rolls out later this year.

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