CopyLog for TrollStore brings powerful new clipboard management capabilities to non-jailbroken devices

Back in 2022, we showed you a jailbreak tweak called CopyLog that was essentially a clipboard manager for pwned devices. But what if we told you that you didn’t need a jailbreak to use it?

CopyLog for TrollStore Banner.

Say hello to CopyLog TrollStore Edition, a version of the popular add-on by iOS developer tomt000 that doesn’t require a jailbreak and can instead be installed via TrollStore on any compatible firmware.

According to the developer, this version isn’t well supported on iPads, but iPhone users can install and use the add-on on iOS 16.x-17.0 without issue and use it just as easily as they could have used the original jailbreak tweak.

The developer made CopyLog for TrollStore with an interface that users should find familiar if they’ve ever used the Paste for Mac app.

After users copy or cut text, the contents of that text appear in the CopyLog interface where they’re archived for use later on. Best of all, it shows a running history of clipboard items, so you get to use more than only the most recent copy/cut — a serious upgrade from the stock clipboard user experience.

If you find it too challenging to find what you’re looking for, then CopyLog has you covered because it offers a search feature to help you locate precisely the text snippet you want to use.

CopyLog for TrollStore

So are there any handicaps to using the TrollStore version of CopyLog compared to the jailbreak tweak version? Not many, but here are a few listed by the developer:

  1. The keyboard needs to be idle before you swipe up to trigger CopyLog
  2. There isn’t a Selection menu button
  3. On iOS 16.0.X only, CopyLog’s Auto Paste feature will nag you for paste permission. This was a bug on Apple’s part and doesn’t affect other versions of iOS.

Those interested in giving CopyLog for TrollStore a try can acquire it for $3.99 from the Havoc repository, which appears to now be accepting TrollStore package submissions from developers in addition to jailbreak packages.

If you already own the jailbreak tweak version, then CopyLog for TrollStore will be discounted to $1.99 — or 50% off.

Also see: How to install TrollStore 2 on iOS 16.0-16.5 & 16.6 beta 1 with Misaka

Are you planning to take advantage of the CopyLog for TrollStore add-on? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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