Android 15 Beta 2 will land May 15, not included in the Google I/O keynote


  • Android 15’s launch wasn’t the focus of Google I/O’s main keynote – AI at center stage.
  • Android 15 Beta 2 confirmed for May 15, smaller event separate from main keynote.
  • Expect to hear more tomorrow about the ways your Android phone will change later this year.

It’s finally happened. We just witnessed a Google I/O keynote where the new version of Android wasn’t the key announcement. In fact, very little of the main I/O 2024 keynote referenced Android devices. Android 15 has been relegated to day two of Google I/O 2024 as the company wants to focus on its AI business. The entire two-hour keynote was dedicated to Google’s upcoming AI changes.

During the launch, we got the confirmation that Android 15 Beta 2 is now confirmed for tomorrow. That’s May 15, so it’s day two of Google I/O 2024. VP of Engineering at Android Dave Burke said on stage during the keynote, “Stay tuned tomorrow for our upcoming Android 15 updates which we can’t wait to share with you.” As that appeared, the wording on the screen said to expect the second version of Android 15’s beta on May 15.


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There’s an Android-specific element of the I/O conference, but that won’t be livestreamed. It’ll be available later in the day online. So we’ll likely be breaking down Beta 2 live when it lands to work out what new features are available. As ever, we don’t generally recommend you upload a beta version of the software directly onto your own device. These software updates are likely to be full of bugs and issues, including elements that may brick your phone. We’d generally recommend waiting until a stable version to try out the next version of Android.

In previous years, the reveal of the next version of Android has often been one of the key announcements during the keynote. There were a few references to Android as a platform as the company revealed its new AI products, but it took a backseat compared to the topics of Google Gemini and the like.

Announced simultaneously with the I/O 2024 keynote, owners of the Nothing Phone 2a are able to access to the existing Android 15 Beta 1. The brand has joined the likes of OnePlus, Tecno and Realme who offer similar access to early software.


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